Alkaline Water Testimonials

Gout gone in 3 months

I have been suffering with gout for over thirty-five years, having attacks once every four to five weeks for as long as a week. I was taking prescription and over the counter (colchicine, allopurinol and alleve) medication to try to relieve the pain. My friend knew the kind of pain I suffered, since he had to drive me to the doctor's office just five months ago because I could not drive or walk. He felt confident that the ionized water would help me.

I was a little skeptical, since I have tried everything under the sun. I have always watched my diet and try to stay in shape. I have stayed away from red meat, alcohol (I did not drink anyway) and was very cautious in what I ate. However, I was desperate so I tried anything that would help me to overcome this disease, especially naturally. All the literature I was reading and the advice that doctors would give me was to stay away from certain foods (including some vegetables such as asparagus) and watch my proteins and to drink plenty of water. I was drinking plenty of water, but it was the wrong water. Although the water I was drinking was either distilled or purified, it was acidic to my system. The longer one drinks purified water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies occurs as well as putting ones body into an acidic state, which is conducive to disease. Ionized water is an Antioxidant that provides the body with an abundance of oxygen, which gives us energy. Disease cannot live in an oxygen-filled environment.

I was drinking about ¾ a gallon of ionized water a day.

After approximately three months, I have not had any gout symptoms or gout attacks and have had much more energy than before. I now eat all the foods that I was avoiding before, including all meats and vegetables.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience and visiting my website.


Vin Howell

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Gum Disease and plaque

From Judy Sheldon,

I had my teeth cleaned in May 2008 and I had no plaque what so ever! The hygienist was amazed as she would spend so much time scrapping away. She asked me what I was doing and I said the only think I have been doing different is drinking alkaline water since late February or early March 2008. She was thrilled, and I was ecstatic! She said lets experiment and have you come in six months rather than my normal four month cleaning. Well last week was my six month cleaning and again no more plaque!!! She and I were ready to do a jig! I told the dentist that I wish I had been drinking this alkaline water since I was a kid and would have saved my 3 extracted teeth and 2 gum surgeries!

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IBS gone in 3 weeks!

I LOVE my water ionizer. I think it is the single most important investment I have ever made for my health and the health of my family. I bought it last year at this time and we have used it constantly since then. We love the convenience as we have it hooked up right next to the kitchen sink. I cook with it and make all of our beverages with the water also.

I was having several health problems last year and went to a friend who is a nutritionist. Among many remedies she suggested, one was to begin drinking the Kangan Water from her Levelux. I was so shocked by the price of the unit that I began researching water ionizers for myself. I was pleased to realize that there were other water ionizers available at prices that were more reasonable. I came across the You-tube video and was impressed with the independent testing that was shown on the two leading ionizers and your brand.

Within three weeks of using the alkaline water I was COMPLETELY CURED of all my IBS symptoms. Since my gall bladder surgery three years prior, I had been suffering with varying levels of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had just gone thru six months of severe symptoms that made it difficult for me to even leave my home. IT WAS A TRUE MIRACLE and I just could not believe that the only thing I was doing differently was drinking the alkaline water. The quality of my life was tremendously improved by eliminating the IBS symptoms from my life. I wished that someone would have told me there was a cure that was as easy as this!!!

Thank you,
Wendy Webster
in Las Vegas, NV

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Tumors gone

My wife, Peg, went through Ovarian cancer surgery and full series of chemo, last year. In July of this year a Cat Scan showed a tumor measuring over 6 cm. Our Oncologist sent biopsy samples to specialists in New York and Texas. The findings confirmed a rare strain (3%) of Ovarian cancer that is extremely resistant to chemo. They told us if chemo could limit the growth she could live several more years but would be on chemo for the rest of her life, If not she had 10 months to live. We got our water ionizer 6 weeks later and just 3 weeks before chemo was to start. I have to assume that the tumor was continuing to grow during those 6 weeks and yet the Cat Scan done the day before chemo showed the tumor was the same size, the spot on her lung was gone and the 4 spots on her liver had not grown. Since chemo had not started yet, I credit the 3 weeks of alkaline water, the Oncologist was flabbergasted. 6 weeks later with the water and chemo the last Cat Scan showed the tumor went from over 6cm to 2 ½ cm, and no signs of the 4 spots on her liver. The Oncologist kept looking back and forth at the 2 reports and was speechless, he finally said "this is unprecedented, what ever you are doing, keep doing it". We are looking forward to the next scan in a few weeks. The doctors are now saying one more series of chemo (2 weeks) and then just monitoring. We are absolutely convinced that our Tyent made alkaline water has saved her life.

Please feel free to share all or part of this. Barry Barassi


She started on medium setting and within a few days when to high (9.2 ph at that time). Tumor down from 6+cm to 1.4cm probably just scar tissue. She is now off chemo and doing great.
Barry Barassi

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Red, scaly skin goes away

This water is better than all my medicines put together!

I am 75 years old and last year I had prostate and pancreatic surgeries. My skin became red, scaly, and constantly itching. I was using prescription medicines, skin creams, and lotions on my arms and legs for temporary relief. After drinking ionized water, my skin looks and feels so much better. The water has helped with the swellling in my feet and my Neuropathy too. I also have more energy, and I am not tired all the time. Both my wife and I sleep and feel better now after drinking Alkaline water. This water is better than all my medicines put together. The health benefits I have received from drinking ionized water make this Tyent machine a medical necessity for me.


Paul Runyan, Santa Clarita, CA

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Runners' Knees and complexion in 6 weeks

Hi I am in Las Vegas, I just want to tell you I am a new person since I have been using my water ionizer. I am a runner, I run approximately 20 miles a week, which isn't a lot, but quite a bit for a 67 year old. Before I was using the Ionizer, I would be so stiff every morning before I would get up I did not want to run. I would have to stretch and stretch to get my knees and hips to be able to move. Now, after I run a 5 K I hardly feel it in my hips and knees. It is amazing. I have also lost my gut, but I still have a ways to go, remember I have only been using the system for about 6 weeks. My co-workers are amazed at how clear and wrinkle free my complexion has become. I personally have noticed my hair has become thicker. Thanks for asking me about alkaline water. I would not be without it.

Joyce Cook

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Lactose intolerance goes away in three weeks

After two to three weeks of drinking the water, the lactose intolerance that I've had for 25 years went away. I quit drinking it to validate the process and after about 2 weeks it came back. Then as soon as I started drinking again it went away. I wanted to start drinking the water to just feel better, and a side effect like this just came out of the blue.

A true blessing,
Bryan Frenchak

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My name is David Jenkins and I live in Sun City, Arizona. I purchased my MMP7070 ionizer in April of this year (2009) and have been quite pleased with the results obtained from its use since then. I am an obese man who apparently yearns to become a diabetic, unfortunately. Well, my results to date are thrilling: I've lost over 10 pounds and my last lab report gave the good news that my trending toward diabetes is reversed and all signs are now favorable, according to my physician. WOW! And get this, my start in April was with a 78 year old body suffering from neglect and acidic-toxic intake all those years, so alkalinized water had a lot of toxicity to clean out before the healing could begin. And what a joy it is to drink such pure, flavorful water which is giving me a healthier body. I revel in the prospect that my friends will be seeing less and less of me in the near future as my body purges itself from all the fat it has stored in order to house those toxins I accumulated over the years. It is hardly ever mentioned that alkaline water permits the body to allow the liver and kidneys to effectively process our current intake of toxins and as toxins are reduced, there is no longer a need for fat to store them and voila! We lose weight. Virtually automatically. How neat it is!

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Grandson loses eczema

I am excited about ionized water, alkaline & acidic water. On the acidic water, I have read testimonials that it could clear skin ailments. My Grandson, who is 3 years old, is suffering of eczema, and taking medication for it. Sometimes he is scratching in his sleep, and in the morning he will be bleeding. I talked to my daughter about washing him with the acidic water. She started using a face towel washed in that water and everyday my wife gave him a bath with acidic water from the Tyent machine. Now my grandson says to his grandma "I don't itch and bleed anymore".

I am very thankful. I will be sharing (advertising) to my friends and relatives.

Thank you again.

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Hair improvement and super energy

First of all, I just want to say how pleased we are with our machine. I'm keeping a log of all the benefits we are seeing. The most humorous and unexpected to me is that, after at least 50 years of thick, coarse, stiff hair, the bends, waves and even, curls seem to be returning.

Most exciting, however, is that I no longer depend on that morning cup of coffee for energy to get going. If NOTHING else happens, having energy to function is worth the price of the machine.

Thanks, Joan

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PSA Lowered from 45 to 5 in 9 months!

King is 100% behind what I'm doing BECAUSE HE'S THE FIRST PERSON TO TELL YOU THAT ALL HE HAD DONE DIFFERENTLY WHEN THE MEDICATIONS FAILED TO BRING HIS PSA DOWN WAS FAITHFULLY DRINK FOUR BOTTLES (EACH ABOUT 18 OZ SIZE - AND ONLY ABOUT 80% OF THE QUANTITY RECOMMENDED FOR HIS BODY WEIGHT). I think I told you that his PSA count was 45 when the doctors decided that if that figure remained 45 in his next test three months later; their only next treatment available to them was a series of low-grade CHEMO! With all thanks to God that we had installed the unit and that King had so faithfully stuck to drinking the alkaline water, his PSA dropped to 18 in that next test. (And I think I also told you that King was so "stunned" by this amazing drop, that he even had an independent test taken by Medcan to double-check it, and I actually prayed that God would have a little fun with this dearest "Doubting Thomas" and reduce it even further - and He did! - down to 13!) AND THEN HIS NEXT TEST CAME IN AT 5!!! and he was then told that now he was really a "non-patient" (but that the tests would still be continued for another few times to still "keep an eye" on it - but in my heart I know God gave us the answer to our prayers with the alkaline water.

Lots of love to all of you,

Adelcia and AA xoxo

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