H2Go Portable Water Ionizer

Important notes for first-time filter use

  1. Before using the new H2Go for the first time, cover and soak the filter cartridge in water for five minutes.
    H2Go Soak
  2. Shake the filter in this water four to five times.
  3. Replace this filter into the H2Go and flush it two to three times more until any filter medium particles in the water have disappeared. Use this flushing water on plants or elsewhere, but not for drinking.
  4. Do not use the H2Go with biologically unsafe water sources. It is primarily designed for municipal tap water.

Directions of use

H2Go Guide 1

Open the funnel cap and remove the filter holder cap.

H2Go Guide 2

Place the funnel cap into the filter holder. Fill the H2Go with water and watch it pass through the filter. Once done, close the filter holder cap.

H2Go hints from practical experience