Comparing Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Ionized Water

With all of the news reports and hearsay going around about the contaminants in our water—from the kitchen to the beach—it makes sense to be critical of the H2O we ingest. If you care about your health, you know hydration is important, and you also probably kno about the contamination, checmicals, and other grime hiding in much of our tap water.

We all want clean water, but can some water be nearly too clean? Reverse osmosis water is extremely clean, since all impurities are removed from it prior to drinking. Clean water sounds excellent—in theory. Reverse-osmosis water is perfect for chemistry class or other situations when you need 100% pure water to avoid the negative effects of a bad checmical recation. However, it isn't the healthiest water you can consumem and it may not be too healthy for you in the first place.

Here's why: The water produced from a reverse-osmosis system is devoid of the many good minerals naturally found in water. In removing all of the harmful chemicals and contaminants, reverse-osmosis destroys the beneficial stuff, too, leaving you with a glass of "dead water" that's also acidic.

Ingesting acidic substances and foods isn't healthy for our bodies. Acidic foods and drinks make our bodies work extra hard to balance them out, and unforunately, most of the mordern-day diet is acidic: soft drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, and processed foods are all in the high-acidity category, instead of the more gentle-on-your-body alkaline category.

Drinking reverse-osmosis water adds to unhealthy acid that we're already consuming, putting a real strain on our bodies' internal acidity and alkalinity balance. In addition, reverse-osmosis water contains no healthy minerals or antioxidants.

In contrast, Tyent alkaline ionized water is antioxidant-rich, alkaline, and ionized. It's certainly still clean, as it's twiced-filtered, but ionization doesn't completely erase the good qualities of water from within. Water from a Tyent water ionizer is also micro-clustered, allowing it to absorb quickly into our cells and hydrate our bodies more fully.

A body that is overly acidic is at risk for health problems, so why contribute to your body's acid levels with the water you drink? Learn more about the benefits of alkaline ionized water and check out Tyent water ionizers to see how the most advanced water available today can stream to your glass from your own home faucet.